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    Business Dedicated Server

    Perfect Dedicated Server For Your Business.

    Business Dedicated Server

    Scalebuzz is known to provide fully managed business dedicated server. A Dedicated Server is designed for more demanding business users. With the resilience and security offered from being housed in one of 6 Data Centers owned and managed by ScaleBuzz in the India & USA, the business dedicated server instantly answers any business queries or data related security concerns you may have. Our Business Dedicated server are Perfect for media processing, development or hosting lots of websites. With Quad-Core processors and scalable amounts of RAM you can be sure this server will deliver all your requirements. All servers are now protected with DDoS protection and your website data backup will be taken on daily basis using R1 soft CDP Backup Software.


    Plan 1

    12 CORE
    E5 2620 v3*2
    64 GB RAM
    500 GB SSD
    Rs. 19125 MONTH

    Plan 2

    20 CORE
    E5 2680 v2*2
    128 GB RAM
    500 GB SSD
    Rs. 25500 MONTH

    Plan 3

    256 GB RAM
    1 TB SSD
    Rs. 51000 MONTH


    Many Operating Systems

    Whether it’s Windows Server or Linux distributions like CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu versions: Work with the operating system of your own choice.

    Ready in 24 Hours

    Order your new dedicated server now and we guarantee you online availability within 24 hours.

    Multi Server

    A centralized account management facilitates the automatic allocation of web space or subscriptions over connected service nodes.

    R1 Soft Cdp Backup

    Now daily backup can be taken.No more worrying of data loss or hacking.

    DDOS Protection

    At ScaleBuzz we offer Complete protection of your servers with our fully DDoS Protection Plan.Protect Your Server ,Website from DDoS Attack.

    All Essential Features

    Whether it is control panel, operating system or services: Everything is included in our server packages so you can start your project immediately.

    Additional Features Of Business Dedicatd Server


    Additionally, dedicated servers come with an SLA, 24×7 telephonic support and a range of additional services. Housed in our ISO accredited data centers, you can be sure that your business dedicated server is in safe hands.Our Plans of Business Dedicated server will be provided at an affordable price.

    So, with Our dedicated server your online storefront has room to scale and will be able to properly withstand high traffic during the peak time. The experienced professionals of Scalebuzz Hosting will guide you when it comes to selecting the most appropriate hosting plan.