A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources.This is like a nightmare for any business owner who has to face it Often, these attacks come with an email demanding a large sum of money from an anonymous source. And its been made believed it to comes from an known person.But the fact is that the hacker holds your site hostage while ddos-protection waiting for a payment. This isnt something any business wants to deal with. Hence (DDoS) attacks are major threats to us as well as data center operators But Not To worry Scalebuzz now offers you more reliable protection against DDoS attacks with attractive conditions.At ScaleBuzz we offer Complete protection of your servers with our fully DDoS Protection.Protect Your Server from DDoS Attack using our DDoS Protection Plan.


Level 1

Rs.27338 /MONTH
  • Upto 10 GBps
  • Upto /21 ip block
  • Upto 10 million packets per sec

Level 2

Rs.47841 /MONTH
  • Upto 50 GBps
  • Upto /20 Ip block
  • Upto 50 million packets per sec

Level 3

Rs.81990 /MONTH
  • Upto 100 GBps
  • Upto /19 ip block
  • Upto 100 million packets per sec

Platform Features

Black Lists

Block abusive sites from hotlinking your assets and claiming ownership without interfering with your regular visitors' experience.

Secure Tokens

Control access to your SecureCDN assets. You can secure them with a password or the time the asset is available. Use our Control Panel or execute the Secure Token using PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, node.js. or .NET.

Two Step Authentication

When you enable this login process, the person logging in needs your physical phone in addition to the correct login credentials

DDoS Mitigation

Cloud based DDoS protection technology protects against SYN floods, UDP floods, volumetric attacks and other DDoS attacks.

Hybrid DDoS protection solution with widest security coverage

Encrypted SSL attack protection Multi-vector attack detection & mitigation Non-volumetric, low & slow DDoS attack protection

Operated by expert security engineers

We provide a high quality service run by expert security engineers and featuring our unique anomaly detection system for detecting communication anomalies.

Benefits You Can Avail From ScaleBuzz DDoS Protected Servers


  1. Provide the largest mitigation and distribution network out of all top providers.
  2. All DDoS attacks absorbed before they overload your server
  3. 24 hours support backup by our team of professional experts
  4. Legitimate traffic can still access your content
  5. 99% Uptime guarantee
  6. Protection From All Types of DDos Attacks

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