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    Measures to been taken to protect your website from worst Hosting companies

    Measures to been taken to protect your website from worst Hosting companies

    You need a best hosting company to make a huge difference to your website.To increase the popularity of your website, choose a hosting plan which benefits you and your business.Check every details of the company before purchasing server.We at scalebuzz is the perfect web hosting company,guaranteeing 24 hours security monitoring.other benefits like Free Live Migration,Recently launched 1GBPS speed at our Indore data center. These few features makes us best in the business.hence choosing a reliable hosting company will make a huge difference to your website.Because going for a bad cheap hosting plans will lead you to a complete disaster.And even if you end up with a bad host, you could struggle to gain search engine ranking and you may end up capsizing your traffic.So act wise and choose a great hosting company.

    Few measures to be consider to keep in mind while selecting a good hosting company

    1.Choose companies which provides you a demo

    To check the performance of the company always ask them a trial period server or basically a demo server according to your requirement.

    Most hosting companies offer a 30-day trial period. However, this may not be that great if you’re worried about choosing a bad host. It’s necessary to choose a hosting company with at least a 30-day trial period. Some great choices offer more than 30 days for your trial period include.Of course, a longer trial period doesn’t automatically make these hosts better than others.

    2.   99.9% uptime guarantee.

    Most of the company guarantee 99.9% uptime,but this isn’t always the case.Use  Pingdom &  WHSR Uptime Monitor to track the uptime. this will help the developer  to check their load time.This is help them to change hosting plan if it will take more then 5 sec to load the website


    3.Check for blacklisted ip address:

    Always check the ip that is been provided to you by your hosting company.When your host company provides you ips then you need to run it through Spam haus. This will tell you if they are safe to use or if you need to avoid the bad hosting company.If you ip goes to Spam haus then the whole set of ip will be backlisted causing a big blow to you as well your hosting company.An heavy loss of ips as well as money





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