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    Points to be noted while opting for Dedicated Hosting Plan

    Points to be noted while opting for Dedicated Hosting Plan

    There are some tips to be considered while choosing a dedicated server

    1)Managed or Unmanaged: Managed or Unmanaged dedicated hosting? Confused as such which one to choose?So this is the first things you need to decide. Clients having knowledge and expertise of dealing with internet technology and web servers should go for options of unmanaged hosting. Beginners with absolutely no knowledge about servers, require manage hosting

    2)Choosing the OS :

    You need to choose a proper operating system,whether it is Windows,Linux & Unix.Make your decision keeping your application in mind.

    3)The size of your Server: The last thing that you need to ponder on is the required size of your web server. Making the choice can be time-consuming and perplexing since several configurations and server types are available in the market by numerous prominent web hosting services providers. Hence, the two most important factors affecting your decision is your budget and requirements of your website. Ideally, a small  fully managed dedicated server having 2GB OR 4 GB (if you run your software) is best for most companies. Secondly, you may pick to prefer quad core Xeon servers for top-notch power and functionality. And finally, pick a choice that suits your budget.

    Naturally, every individual or company plans to have the best dedicated hosting plan but once they get out in the market, several factors starts vacillating their choice. Hence, knowing exactly what is best for your company is very important.

    4)Cost:Windows costs significantly more than UNIX  If you want Windows, you’ll need to pay the cost of the server licenses like Cpanel alongside your other expenses. On the other hand: UNIX systems are entirely free and open-source.


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