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    Pricing Plan For Dedicated Server

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    Cloud Services We Are Destined To Provide You

    Dedicated Server

    ScaleBuzz provides you high performance dedicated servers at Cheap rates. We are well known for providing the best managed dedicated Hosting servers in USA as well as in India.

    DDOS Protection

    We say, “Prevention is better than Cure”. Protect your website and server from DDOS attack through this service offered by ScaleBuzz. So you get fully protected server with DDOS Protection Plans.

    Shared Hosting

    We provide Shared hosting in which you “share” the server with other individuals. With this lot of money is saved of the company. Through this service we provide you a cost-effective solution by hosting your website with several others on a common server.

    Cloud Hosting

    Now experience the most reliable cloud services at ScaleBuzz and grip a better control over your computer resources which helps you to enhance your website’s performance.

    Virtual Private Server

    Get Cheap VPS hosting servers at affordable prices in Indian location data center. Through this service provided by ScaleBuzz you will enjoy dedicated like hosting service with features of shared hosting environment at exclusively affordable prices.

    Reseller Hosting

    With our Cheap Reseller Hosting Services, you will have a liberty to host all the existing websites under one account only. We provide unlimited domain hosting with unlimited bandwidth. Now you become a host to others with the affordable reseller services we offer.


    We at Scalebuzz provide you the best managed Dedicated Hosting servers in India as well as in USA. Scalebuzz best dedicated servers delivers performance,security,flexibility and freedom to proceed the way you want.We will let you construct its own solution with the most competitive and supreme range of hardware.


    Ping Us Anytime For All Your Questions!

    Our Web hosting experts are always available to solve all your queries & to configure a custom plan for your organization.

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    Tier Four Data Centers

    We provide 4 tier data center which is in high demand. You are provided with all the features in it which also consists of end-to-end fault resistance.

    Tech Support

    We have technical support team available for you 24/7 to clear out the difficulties faced by the user.


    You need not worry about your data because we keep all your data protected and your data is backed up at regular intervals in a day as per users need.



    It has got a high bandwidth. It allows user uninterrupted access and provides a secured network to them.


    It is highly effective upon cost, performance and security. It provides the user flexibility and is highly simplified. It has high elasticity and is highly scalable.


    It allows user to have performance monitoring. . It is highly efficient in optimizing and hence is highly optimal

    If you have your own customization server requirement we will provide that also.


    What are the Advantages of Dedicated Web Hosting Servers?

    Improved performance • Greater reliability • Data security • Custom installation and configuration of software and firewall • Having your own IP address • Upgrade path Sales Related Query

    Which operating system is setup on my dedicated server?

    You can opt for Linux or windows when you purchase. We offer the latest stable versions of the most popular Linux operating systems (CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, VMWare ESXi, FreeBSD and CloudLinux) and Windows operating systems (Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, Windows Server 2016 Standard). For all dedicated servers that are inexpensive.

    Why Should I Choose Dedicated Server Hosting?

    Our Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting plans gives you the possibility to lease a whole server with highly expert technical support and assistance.  You are free to customize your server based on your choice

    What is the advantage of having a dedicated server in USA?

    A dedicated server is allocated to a single user unlike other traditional hosting systems that are ‘ shared ‘ among numbers of users. You get rights of complete access to the client. You get dedicated resources so other websites or users are not likely to affect database efficiency. Our cheap dedicated servers in USA are competent to handle high traffic websites.

    Can i customize my dedicated servers however i want ?

    Any of our “non-instant” Cheap dedicated servers can be customized however you want with thousands of possible options. We provide options from one processor to four processors, one hard drive to 100 hard drives, 8GB RAM to 1000GB RAM, and everything in between. Most fully customized servers deploy in less than 24 hours from the time we receive your payment.

    Can i upgrade my dedicated server later?

    Upgrade to a better CPU, more RAM, more hard drives quickly and easily at the time of your convenience. Open a trouble ticket with our Sales Team for pricing of the upgraded hardware and on acceptance we will coordinate with you to determine the best time to perform the upgrade.