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    4 Ways the Wrong Web Hosting Will Hurt Your Business

    4 Ways the Wrong Web Hosting Will Hurt Your Business

    The web hosting you choose for your website will have important effects on your site’s performance and success. It’s an integral part of building a website, and choosing the right host will make a positive, noticeable difference in the way your site is perceived by visitors.

    People coming to your website expect it to run properly. Their decision to sign up for something or make a purchase essentially depends on the website running like it should.

    Although aesthetic design and a great domain are also important aspects of managing your online presence (and especially important if you’re a strictly virtual company, don’t make the mistake of concentrating solely on those efforts. Offering a positive and enjoyable user experience has tremendous value. Delivering a poor customer experience due to the wrong web hosting can be damaging for your business.

    The wrong web host will hurt your business in a number of ways. Here are 4 ways the wrong web hosting affects your website:

    Potential customers get impatient and leave

    Research shows that people wait an average of 6 seconds for a page to load. If it isn’t finished loading in 6 seconds, they’re closing out the page and visiting another site to get what they came for. Image and video-laden product and promotional pages take longer to load when you’re using weak web hosting. The very pages designed to funnel users toward making a purchase could be the barrier that stops them from buying if you’re using the wrong web hosting.

    Vulnerable to online security threats

    Even the most secure websites can be attacked by hackers, but the right web hosting provider will help give you peace of mind about recovering from any attack that targets your website. Only web hosting providers known for outstanding customer support will be the right choice for your business. Make sure you know your provider’s policies on backing up website data and what happens if website information is compromised.

    Penalties in website search rankings

    Bad web hosts have a lower than average uptime percentage–that means their servers are frequently down, and your website will be down as a result. Your website pages might load slowly half the time. Search engines capture this information as they crawl the web, ranking pages and websites, and yours will be penalized for your web host’s problems. Look for web hosts with a high uptime percentage to avoid this problem.

    Missing out on traffic spikes

    When you’ve just launched a successful ad campaign, social media campaign, blog post, or promotional offer, you’re likely driving a lot more traffic to your website than usual. Choosing the wrong web host might not seem to be problematic at first, when the traffic to your website is low and relatively steady, but when spikes in traffic hit, the hosting service can’t handle the influx and your website goes down. Missing out on ready-to-convert visitors because of a low-quality web host will damage your wallet.



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