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    A good understanding of dedicated server & data center

    A good understanding of dedicated server & data center

    Dedicated server has an added advantage ,as it provides an organization the ability to have full access of the organization, it also gets the opportunity to manage operating system & hardware. Dedicated server is much more secure flexible reliable & cost effective as compared to shared hosting .

    For a dedicated servers, an organization usually needs to establish or purchase resources in a data center. A data center is necessary since it usually contains an abundance of power and storage. In case of some sort of disaster or unfortunate incident, the backup power and storage will serve to preserve any critical data that may otherwise have been lost.

    Data centers can have various levels of technical devices, depending on the needs of an organization. For the most part, they range from Tier 1 to Tier 4 technicality. Generally, a data center can be one room, one floor or an entire building.Room temperature should be quite high but not exceed 75 degrees Fahrenheit .Certain conditions are required for data center to ensure that the electronic devices are stored properly. You need to have a good  infrastructure  designed so that the air can spread uniformly throughout the room.

    Data center also allow for 24 x 7 security of server hardware since virtually every data center restricts and monitors access to the critical sections of the facility. They also usually have on-call technicians to minimize any downtime that may arise from any human or procedural failure.

    An emergency power system is another essential component of a data center. The data center is basically the backbone of an organization.you need to purchase a dedicated server from a good hosting company which has a good data center .Like for our company SCALEBUZZ which has 6 data center. In India it is in Mumbai & Indore & in Usa its in Texas Chicago and Seattle.In Indore we have recently launched 1GBPS. We guarantee 99.99 % uptime & 24 hours  monitoring security. In case of a crisis or failure of the organization regular power systems, an emergency power system can provide added secure for an organizational data. In most cases, generators, deep cycle batteries, flywheel energy storage or hydrogen fuel cells power emergency power systems.

    Under a dedicated server, the provider usually has a support system in place to ensure that all of the hardware and software gets set up accurately. In terms of operating systems, the organization chooses which is best suited for its needs. Various forms of Linux have become increasingly popular, since it is an open source operating system. Usually, the provider will offer a server support package, which includes kernel upgrades, service packs, application updates and security patches.

    When setting up a dedicated server, it is also important to consider the necessary level of bandwidth. Essentially, bandwidth is the rate at which data can be transferred across the server. It is measured in bits per second. Web site traffic, database user.Managing the server is important,for that an engineer is appointed for it.He must be available 24 hours & must solve all issue .The most common software that is purchased in conjunction with the dedicated server is the control panel.The above serves as an outline of what to expect with regard to dedicated server and data center function. By being aware of the most important functions, it may be easier to assess what services are needed and better understand how the dedicated server operates in general.





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