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    Co-locate Your Server At Our Tier 3 Data Center


    Colocation is the foundation for your IT infrastructure deployment. The data center you choose are meant to support your application or website which determines the quality of every service you consume, from cloud, to managed hosting. ScaleBuzz data center and colocation services offer reliability, continuity and security for your applications, data and systems. Our data centers are conveniently located in major metropolitan areas. The Best Services facilities will be provided through our data center.


    Colocation gives you a dedicated environment for your IT hardware in a secure and globally connected facility. Whether you require managed colocation or prefer a hands-on approach, ScaleBuzz colocation data centers remove the need to build, staff and manage your in-house server rooms or data centers, giving you the freedom to focus on your business, and enhance growth in terms of profit.


    LEVEL 1

    1 U
    1 IP
    1 amp
    10 mbps Bandwidth
    Rs. 4900 MONTH

    LEVEL 2

    5 U
    1 IP
    4 Amp
    25 mbps Bandwidth
    Rs. 21000 MONTH

    LEVEL 3

    10 U
    1 IP
    8 Amp
    50 mbps Bandwidth
    Rs. 32000 MONTH


    Power Density

    High-density data centers provides you scalable power up to 18kW per rack, and beyond allowing you to upgrade in place and make the most of your colocation investment.


    ScaleBuzz’s secure Colocation facilities provide the highest level of physical security, availability and environmental control compliance.

    Fast Setup

    We provide servers within few hours after payment is cleared.24 hours support is always been provided even on weekends .Visit our partners,shoes – leaders in fashionable footwear!

    Solid State Drives (SSDs)

    All of our hosting plans use solid state drives. With SSDs, your website, caching and database queries are faster.

    Operated By Expert Security Engineers

    We provide a high quality service run by expert security engineers and featuring our unique anomaly detection system for detecting communication anomalies.

    DDOS Protection

    At ScaleBuzz we offer Complete protection of your servers with our fully DDoS Protection Plan.Protect Your Server ,Website from DDoS Attack.