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    Common mistake you make while choosing a hosting

    Common mistake you make while choosing a hosting

    A web hosting services is a type of Internet hosting services that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

    So you need to choose a good hosting company to host your website.There are few tips to be followed to choose a hosting servers for your website.But if you are new to this, you tend to make mistakes.Here are the few things which should be avoided while choosing a web hosting services

    1)Not Doing Enough Research

    Always do some research on web hosting companies before purchasing any server from them.At times  there are scams, bad companies which don’t value you as a customer, and companies that don’t operate ethically.

    On the flip side however, there are environmentally friendly web hosting companies which offset all of the energy they use; companies that have won awards for their customer service and hosting products; and companies that simply provide excellent hosting.

    The best way to find the right web host is to research the companies you’re looking at. Establish what you want, find out who offers it and decide if they’re right for you by looking at how they operate. Always read reviews to get website hosting information about each provider, but remember: every website is different. So, features that might be right to one customer may not be relevant to you.

    2)Assuming unlimited bandwidth is unlimited:

    Be it your “unlimited” cell phone tariff or features of website hosting, as a rule of thumb, a company offering something unlimited is likely not showing you the whole picture.

    Usually, clauses in the terms and conditions specify that “unlimited” actually means “within reasonable use.” Just like an all you can eat buffet: at some point you’ll be asked to pay more or leave. Most websites don’t need unlimited bandwidth, just like most people don’t need to eat everything at the buffet, so in reality hosting companies rarely offer it.

    3)Over pricing

    Sometimes what appears to be low-cost web hosting might actually be quite expensive. Look just underneath the advertised price, and you’ll see a tiny crossed out number which makes you think you’re getting an unbelievable deal.

    You’re not. You’re paying the smaller sum for the first month and then the bigger sum for every subsequent month. It varies between companies, sometimes you’ll even get the first year at a discounted rate, but universally there is a trend of showing the customer a smaller price than they’ll eventually be charged.So always do your part of hard work to get the best deals on Hosting

    4)Bad technical support

    Make sure to research the company’s history and read customer reviews, preferably on an independent website. Most people don’t think about this until something goes wrong, by which time it’s too late and you’re stuck with horrible customer support.

    Many companies offer 24/7, 365 days of the year support to help you with any web hosting issues. Of course this doesn’t reflect on the quality of service. But companies that provide regular training to their support assistants will proudly let you know about it on their websites. If they’re good, this will involve interpersonal training as well as technical.


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