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    How to configure a virtual machine for high availability?

    How to configure a virtual machine for high availability?


    It is applicable to Windows server 2008 R2

    In a failover cluster, you can create a high availability Virtual machine that creates appropriate settings by running wizard.

    Steps to configure virtual machine for high availability


    1. First you need to install the Hyper-v role

    2. In the failover cluster manager snap-in if the cluster is not visible that you want to configure then in the console tree, right-click Failover-cluster Manager, click manage a cluster , and then specify the cluster that you want.

    3. Expand the tree under the cluster that you want to configure if the console tree is collapsed

    4. Click services and Application.

    5. If virtual machine already exists then skip to step 6 ,otherwise use the New virtual machine wizard to create a new virtual machine. Steps to create a virtual machine:

    a) In the action pane, click virtual machine ,point to virtual machine and then a click a node.

    b) Click next if the Before you begin page of the New Virtual machine wizard appears.

    c) Specify the name of the virtual machine and then select store the virtual machine in a

    d) Now you can specify details and add or change configuration details later.

    e) When you click finish, wizard creates new virtual machine for high availability .skip the different location and specify a disk in a shared storage.

    remaining step in this procedure.

    6. If you have already created virtual machine and only want to configure it for high availlibilty then make sure the virtual machine is not working.Then use he high availalbiliy wizard to configure virtual machne for high availability.

    a) In the action pane,click configure service or applcatiom.

    b) Click ext if before you begine page appears.

    c) On the select service or application page, click virtual mahine and then click next.

    d) Slect the virtual machine that you want for high availability and complete wizard.

    e) Once the high availbality page runs and summary page appears then click view report to review the report of the task that wizard performed.


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