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    How to manage your Reseller account?

    How to manage your Reseller account?

    When you decided to purchase reseller hosting than that is a smart choice.Reseller hosting is indeed the ideal choice to  kick start  your website & enhance your business. A minimal investment can already get you fully-loaded packages with a plethora of features that you can readily sell.So you need to choose a good hosting company where you can easily run your reseller account. Choose a web hosting company which manages your account & provide you 24 hour monitoring security .In Reseller hosting you basically purchase server from a web hosting company and then just distribute it among their clients So when you choose the suitable company wisely then  you’ll be running your reseller hosting business so competently no one would even guess you’re just the middleman.

    Below are some tips to be followed to maintain your reseller account

    1.Avoid Domain Lockouts:

    When you have your customers and services all set up on your reseller account, it is necessary that your hosting company guarantee full support  & its smooth  operation with good uptime. It is therefore vital to keep notice of seemingly trivial things such as renewing your domain name and hosting packages to avoid the inconvenience of getting locked out and last minutes scramble for reactivation.Periodically pay our invoices. Dont keep any due of your payment.

    2.Seek help whenever required

    If any issues or problems that you seem incapable of resolving on your own arise at any given time, do not hesitate to get help from expert advisors. the hosting company should provide 24 hour security monitoring They need to keep your account managebale Keep it short and sweet but avoid being rude. Keep communication open to constantly check and monitor responses until the problem is resolved. This is the one efficient way to maintain the integrity of your reseller hosting account.

    3.Delegate Some Control to Customers:

    You need to reduce your workload & customer support by allowing your customers some control over their own services online.You still maintain complete control over your customers’ domains and hosting, and your customers cannot have access to two sensitive and restricted aspects, namely: viewing domains and packages not assigned to them, and changing payment details. However, you can delegate direct access to some basic tasks that your customers can perform themselves; thus, give you some free time to concentrate on running your business




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