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    Linux is just the right Os for Cloud

    Linux is just the right Os for Cloud

    When building a public or private cloud, there plenty of options. The most preferred one is Linux.Linux is just perfect for Cloud.Following features illustrate that the best OS is Linux for Cloud hosting

    1. Flexibility– Cloud hosting is  flexible & easy to configure on Linux platform . You can mold it into any type of cloud system you want using Linux

    2.Financial freedom: financial freedom of not having to pay much for licensing as well as the freedom that comes with using freely licensed software

    2. Multiple Virtualization Options – Linux offers both open source and commercial virtualization options, including KVM, Xen and VMware. You can even mix and match the ones you want in order to get the most out of your cloud platform.

    3. Package Management – When it comes to the cloud, your aim should be simplicity, modularity, and standardization. It is much more difficult to do that when acomplicated applications have to be installed and configured in piecemeal. Linux offers streamlined pre-compiled binary packages that are accessible from software repositories, which are almost like app stores common with mobile devices. It makes cloud setup and configuration much more straightforward.

    Linux is finding its way into all sorts of clouds. It is free, open and very flexible. Those are just some of the reasons why Linux is perfect for the cloud.


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