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    Shared Hosting VS VPS Hosting

    Shared Hosting VS VPS Hosting

    To start your own website, you need to ensure that you use a good web hosting plan. There are various hosts through which you can put up your content for example, shared, VPS, dedicated etc. Here you’ll  be learning about shared and VPS hosting, their pros and cons, and their differences.

    You can say that Shared hosting is like splitting a cake into equal parts so that everyone gets  and equal share of it. It is one of the most common ways of hosting and is mostly used by people using a trial or low-cost hosting plan. You can choose this type of hosting if you have a plan to start up a venture with your own borrowed capital, or if you have a limited number of Email Ids because of the limited number of employees.
    Pros and Cons of shared Hosting
    i)It can be considered a good option if the number of blogs existing are limited and there are small websites as it is easy to maintain.
    ii)It has an economical advantage and you can demand extra storage.
    iii) A drawback is that you might have to face long term issues with backup.
    iv)There are limited resources and the website maybe affected by  the other websites on the shared server.

    VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting can be described as the sort of hosting where you can decide what cake and you have the whole cake to yourself.  In other words, it’s where you can customize everything according to you as it’s entirely your area. Companies that deal with resource heavy application and secured data most often use VPS hosting. You can opt for VPS hosting if the expansion of your business is beyond the shared level, when you intend  to work with confidential data and are expecting  a significant increase of traffic in the upcoming few weeks/months.

    Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting
    i)Availability  of large space and bandwidth which allows you to do what you like, along with upgrading and downgrading your subscription whenever you choose.
    ii) You can configure anything on the server as you own it.
    iii) You need a dedicated server administrator to take care of your sever.
    iv) It is mostly costly so we should be careful when  purchasing cheap offers.

    Differences between Shared Hosting and VPS
    Security: VPS hosting is more secure than shared hosting.
    Resources: Shared hosting has access to a limited number of resources only when VPS hosting allows private disk spaces, having greater resource availability.
    Platform: File system and compartmentalization is at a basic level in shared hosting whereas in VPS it can be found on a higher level.

    Which is better? Shared or VPS?
    As  mentioned in detail about both the types of hosting, you can see that despite of  hosting having their pros and cons, VPS hosting provides much more features that Shared. Hence, VPS hosting is better than Shared hosting.

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