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    Use DDos Protection To Prevent Your Website From DDos Attack

    Use DDos Protection To Prevent Your Website From DDos Attack

    Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are like a nightmare for any business owner who has to face it  Often, these attacks come with an email demanding a large sum of money from an anonymous  source. And its been made believed it to comes from an known         person.But the  fact is that the hacker holds your site hostage whileddos-protectionwaiting for a payment. This isn’t something any business wants to deal with. Hence (DDoS) attacks are major threats to hosting providers as well as data center operators,

    Protecting your website should become your highest priority.You Must use DDos Protection to take care of  your website. At Scalebuzz we provide  DDos Protection to all our client so that if any DDos Attacks happens then this DDos Protection will take care of your website. With the right DDoS protection, you won’t have to worry about an attack killing your website. You need a good DDoS shield to provide the right amount of protecting.



    Using a CBSP is most used form to reduces risk of DDos Protection

    A CBSP or Cloud-Based Security Provider is the most used form to reduces the risk of DDos ProtectioUsing CBSP you can  mitigate a DDoS attack. This type of route allows for protection from some DDoS hacks by routing traffic through a secure infrastructure. The traffic goes through a scrubbing center at the CBSP and only wanted traffic will end up at the website.

    Routing and redirecting traffic is one way to keep the bad traffic out. This is done by either using BGP Rerouting or DNS Rerouting. BGP Rerouting allows the client to configure the domain name of the website for resolving a CBSP IP address. This is important when you  are managing a whole/24IP block.

    The problem with DNS rerouting is that it cannot eradicate potential DDoS attacks. Instead, if the hacker attacks the hosting IP address, it will be able to get through and cause all types of issues.

    Using a Automated Scanning Tools

    Nowdays Many website owners use CBSPs to prevent website  from DDoS Attacks by Using a  DDoS protection , it’s important for the real web server IP address to stay hidden from the potential attack of a hacker.

    About 70% of those using CBSPs actually reveal the real IP address, which isn’t safe.Hence we can usesome other automated tools such as CloudPiercer, CloudFlare etc.This type of tool helps to decide if your site is susceptible by scanning for the actual IP address of the site. This is a great tool to help keep your site from getting attacked by a DDoS attack.


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