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    Web Developers can be successful Web Hosting resellers

    Web Developers can be successful Web Hosting resellers


    Following you need to be successful website hosting reseller

    Multiple domain hosting:To become a web hosting reseller, the first step is to get yourself a multiple domain account. For instance if you take out an account that allows up to 5 websites (or domains), you can use one of the domains for own site development; and, still have 4 domains to allocate to their client sites. All you need to do is pay your renewal to your web host; then, you can charge your clients what ever you like.

    Control Panel :It is preferable to have full administrative control over your client’s web sites. Make sure that, not only does your web host provide you with a control panel that includes full administrative facilities to easily manage your multiple account, but that your host provides your clients with their own control panel too.Your web hosting company should give you facility to hide your web host  identity.

    Terms and conditions Terms and conditions are essential when offering any service, ensure that all your clients have a copy of your terms and conditions. Many resellers forget to create their own terms and conditions, as they are often very time-consuming to write. If you ask a web host you will find that some of them will either let you copy theirs or they will just supply you with terms and conditions specifically written for this purpose.

    Good technical supportive staff – Fast and reliable, service and support, is essential, from your web hosting company. If something happens to your client’s web site it is important to be able to get the problem solved as soon as possible. You don’t want clients being unhappy with your hosting services, as this will reflect badly on your other services too.

    Reselling can be a very profitable side business if you find the right host. We at Scalebuzz offers you the best reseller plan for Rs 4500.its basically yearly plan

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