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    Windows Hosting or Unix Host,which one to choose

    Windows Hosting or Unix Host,which one to choose

    Use that Hosting which basically suites you. Depending on your scripts, you may need to use a Windows server host. On the other hand, some developers and website owners would probably tell you they swear by Unix as a host.

    Both are good in their own ways.Each Hosting has its feature & cost which makes it different from each other.Depending on application you run you can select your hosting. and each has its own unique set of pros and cons. Your site’s script will be determined which OS you opt for, so it’s an important choice to make.

    Following are the things which differ Windows & Unix Hosting:

    1)Cost:Windows costs significantly more than UNIX  If you want Windows, you’ll need to pay the cost of the server licenses like Cpanel alongside your other expenses. On the other hand: UNIX systems are entirely free and open-source.

    2)Versatility:Most of the time, people will choose Windows because they have specific scripts they want to use like VisualBasic and .NET that will only work with Windows hosting. However, the majority of scripts the average user is likely to come across will definitely be supported by UNIX and new open-source software is usually developed with UNIX in mind. For most users, the best choice here would be UNIX server hosting unless you know you need specific Microsoft scripts.

    3)Stability:UNIX hosting systems are typically more stable than those run by Windows, especially when the server is under strain. UNIX rarely has the same problem and tends to be a bit more reliable. Both systems say they have a 99.9% uptime guarantee so this could reflect the fact that Windows hosting is a more popular option. Obviously both servers are highly capable of supporting your hosting whether you go for shared, VPS, cloud, or dedicated.



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